It’s a good idea to clean your watch every 2 to 3 months to maintain its appearance and keep it in good working order:

If it is water-resistant, make sure the crown is fully pushed in (and screwed down, depending on the model) against the case, and the seals have been changed or tested at Watchworks within the last 12 months. Only then is it safe to wash in slightly soapy water, using a soft brush. Rinse and dry with a dry soft cloth.

If you have any doubts about the water-resistance of your watch, simply clean it with a soft brush.

Straps in fabric, leather and alligator or python should not come into contact with water. Remember, leather is a natural, living material and its colour will fade a little over time.

After each exposure to salt water, rinse the watch carefully in fresh water then dry it with a dry soft cloth. 
How should I care for my watch when I’m not wearing it?

If you do not regularly wear your automatic watch, we recommend either winding the mainspring manually using the crown unscrewed or in neutral position of purchasing an automatic watch winder. This will ensure that the lubricating oil in the movement remains fluid. As with every micro-mechanism that operates continuously, an automatic watch movement requires regular maintenance.

Do not leave an old inoperative battery in your quartz watch. If it has stopped or the EOL* system is activated, bring it to the nearest service center.

*Certain models are equipped with an End Of Life system (EOL) to notify you that the battery is nearly flat. The second hand starts making four-second jumps but your watch continues to display the exact time until the battery is exhausted.


What is a quartz movement?

A quartz movement is powered by a battery (energy source), with a quartz crystal regulator (time-measuring device). The electric tension from both the battery and the integrated circuit causes the crystal to vibrate consistently at very high frequency – at 32’768 times per second. This gives the movement almost perfect precision (only a few seconds per month variation). Quartz watch dials can display hands (analogue), numbers (digital), or both.

Troubleshooting your quartz watch

• The second hand is jumping every 4 seconds
Certain quartz watches have the added security of an end of life battery indicator (EOL). When the battery runs down, the second hand starts making-four second      jumps but your watch continues to display the exact time until the battery is exhausted. Bring your watch to Watchworks for battery replacement.

• The second hand isn’t hitting the markers
Don’t worry if your watch’s second hand isn’t aligned to the markers on the dial. This is normal and is due to the play required for proper working of the movement gear train. You may notice a different level of side shake for each second impulse.


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